Tech Talk #21: Importance of Bearer Wipers

Posted on: June 21, 2021

An anvil surface free of wear is an important factor for successful die-cutting. Wear on the anvil may cause die-cutting issues and shorten the life of your dies. Proper cleaning and lubrication are critical to prevent these issues and keep your anvils in top condition.

The most critical areas for wear on the anvil are at the points where the die and anvil meet. Lubricating this area of the anvil with a light machine oil reduces the risk of this increased friction. The area should also be kept clean of any debris to ensure particles cannot be trapped between the surfaces.

Using bearer wipers is the simplest and most efficient way to keep these areas clean and effectively deliver lubrication without contamination. Bearer wipers are small felt pads that stay in constant contact with the bearer area, sweeping it clear of debris as the parts are turning while applying constant lubrication. Most machines are equipped with bearer wipers but if they are damaged or missing Wilson offers bearer wipers with a magnetic base for easy installation and removal, they are also equipped with an oil reservoir to increase the time between reapplying oil to the pad. This is a small investment which could possibly save you thousands of dollars in premature tool failure.

Our new Wilson Magnetic Base Bearer Wipers are easier to use than alternatives. No drilling is required to attach them, and they can be adjusted to align the pads with the area that needs cleaning, meaning you can use them on all types of runs. Get in touch with your Wilson representative to get access to this innovative new bearer wiper system!

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