Foam, Rubber, & Felt Fabricators

Every material has its own unique properties and demands different configurations from rotary tooling. We understand the science behind what it takes to achieve great results for any material in your operation.

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New research and technology in the medical field is breaking barriers every day. Our partners like you in health care can afford nothing less than surgical precision. We leverage ingenuity to make that possible.

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We know that in flexographic printing, great visual appeal starts with precision...and making your customers look good is your number one objective. We create the tools that help your work stand out from the crowd.

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Food & Beverage

From green packaging, to unique shapes, to new materials, we precision engineer our tools to match with your unique application.

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Labels & Packaging

New trends in labels and packaging make it harder than ever to stand out. We’re constantly innovating to ensure we stay ahead of the cutting edge so you can stay right on top of it.

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