Tooling Services

We’re here to help you get the most performance and value from your Wilson tooling, and our ongoing tooling services are how we deliver. Protect your investment and keep your converting business running smoothly with well-maintained tooling.

Anvil Roll Audits
Not all cutting issues are caused by your dies. Anvil rolls play an important role in die performance. Our expert anvil roll audits help you optimize your results.
Design Assistance
Need support bringing your results to life? Our Wilson design assistance team is ready to help. Drawing on years of experience crafting solutions, our engineers and tooling experts will find a way to make your tooling a reality, even where other tooling manufacturers have said it can't be done.
Mag Roll Audits
If you’re using flexible dies, your mag roll is as important as your sheet. Much like anvil rolls, wear and tear on your mag rolls can cause cutting issues. Let us help you assess the performance of your mag rolls!
On Site Training & Maintenance
Oftentimes, tools are only as effective as the person wielding them. Proper usage of your tooling will help prolong its life and will bring you better results. Our experienced Wilson team members often conduct onsite training for our customers to help them hit the ground running with their new tooling.
Give your results a tune-up with our solid die refurbishing service. You’ll enjoy cuts with the same sharpness and precision you got when your tooling was brand new. Refurbishing also addresses cutting issues caused by normal wear and tear so you can avoid replacing expensive tooling in some cases.