Adjustable Anvil Rolls

Wilson Adjustable Anvils provide converters with a workhorse that eliminates downtime and reduces waste.

The durability and accuracy are unmatched in the industry with a .5 micron minimum adjustment and fully hardened tool steel construction. Easily compensate for shallow or deep die cuts using the touchpad control, which allows you to maximize die life.

Once adjustments have been made, the parameters can be saved by referencing a job or die number and easily retrieved when needed. The versatility of your die inventory is also increased by allowing the same die to be used with different liner thicknesses.

- Independent or simultaneous bearer adjustment
- Increments of clearance adjustment are less than .00002” (.5 micron) with a total range for fine-tuning of +/- .0039” from the zero point
- Fully hardened steel for durability
- Simplified installation and removal process
- Allows saving job-specific settings
- Returns to zero point with a simple touch of a button
- Increase product yields from your solid and flexible dies
- Make adjustments on the fly during your runs
- Ideal for dialing in thin liners to your exact requirements
- Minimal maintenance

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