Anticipating your needs with unparalleled service.

Legendary responsiveness.

In our technology-driven world where just about everything is automated, some things, such as reaching a real person, can seem impossible. At Wilson, your calls are answered by people. We are here when you need us to offer live and immediate support, and when you email us, expect a response in 24 hours or less.

Partnerships designed to last.

We build our relationship with you using the same care and attention to detail we dedicate to making our tools. Your Wilson rep listens to your needs and offers timely and relevant solutions to help you maximize production time and tooling performance.

Ongoing support and training.

At Wilson, we craft our tooling with high standards in precision, but we don’t just leave it at that. We offer in-house training and internal tooling audits so you can be confident that your tooling works the way it is supposed to, right when you need it.

A lot of the battle between companies is customer service, which Wilson is exceptional at. I’ve never gotten off the phone and felt that my needs were not going to be addressed. It’s the people at the company every day that have the impact.

Steve S. | Custom Label Printer
Success Stories
June 12, 2019

Advanced Equipment from the Ground Up

Since introducing the industry’s first machine-sharpened rotary dies in 1999, we’ve been continuing to raise the bar, holding tighter tolerances and reducing turnaround time. Also, as tool and die technology continues to advance, we’ve adapted our equipment to...

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