TechTalk #25: Rotary Die Non-Stick Coatings

Posted on: November 21, 2023

Most of the time, we don’t consider adhesive a significant factor when ordering rotary tooling. The majority of adhesives do not require a change in the manufacturing specs of a cutting die, but for the ones that do, ordering the right coating for the die can ensure your job is finished on time with the least amount of downtime or maintenance.

Adhesive can challenge even the most experienced press operator, so whether you are cutting an overly thick, aggressive, or exposed adhesive, Wilson Manufacturing has non-stick solutions to fit your specific converting applications. You can spend less time battling adhesive and more time running!

Types of Non-Stick Coatings for Wilson Rotary Tooling

    • Die Slide Coating

      • Features: Transparent, nearly invisible, and does not impact cutting depth.
      • Benefits: Long-wearing, but can be “touched up” should it begin to show any signs of wear. It is very cost-effective, with no additional time required for manufacturing. There is also a food-safe option of Die Slide available.
      • Ideal For: General use with light- to medium-tack adhesive and to prevent buildup of adhesive on tooling. Die Slide can be applied to all Wilson cutting die products.
    • DCT Coating

      • Features: A thin, white coating, DCT Non-Stick has little to no impact on cutting depth and adds minimal time to the manufacturing process.
      • Benefits: Can be removed or recoated as it wears. It’s the better choice for aggressive, stringy, or high-tack adhesives.
      • Ideal For: Engraved dies, Adjustable Lineals, or Sheeters/Perforators.
    • Plasma Coating

      • Features: Extremely durable and semi-permanent for the longest life.
  • Benefits: The best option for exposed adhesives and long runs, although it can add significant time to manufacturing.
  • Ideal For: Engraved dies in high-demand environments for long-term durability or when other non-stick coatings have not performed well enough.

Applicability of Coatings Based on Tooling Type

  • Engraved (Machine-Sharpened) Rotary Dies: Wilson non-stick coatings can be applied to any of our solid, engraved die products. Select Die Slide Non-Stick, DCT Non-Stick, or plasma coating depending on the level of durability and non-stick properties required.
  • Flexible Sheet Dies: Die Slide is ideal for general use with flexible dies as its thin, transparent property does not affect the blade relief and has no impact on the cutting depth of the blades. 
  • Adjustable Lineals: Die Slide Non-Stick and DCT Non-Stick are both suitable for use with our Adjustable Lineal Tools. 
  • Sheeters: Die Slide Non-Stick is the best performer for the cylinder surface on a Removable Blade Sheeter/Perforator. 

Make a Difference

When facing the challenges adhesive can sometimes bring, understanding the non-stick options available can help you optimize the die-cutting process and avoid the expense of time-consuming maintenance or downtime.  Whether it’s just a high-tack adhesive having minimal effect on die-cutting or an open, exposed adhesive creating a bigger challenge, choosing the best non-stick coating can make all the difference.

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