Stepped Anvils: Your Solution to Material Variations

Posted on: March 18, 2022

Getting the materials you need for converting is more difficult than ever. With global shortages, many material suppliers have a fraction of the inventory they did under “old normal” conditions. Then, when the stock does arrive, it may show variances that are outside the usual tolerance range which means your tooling now won’t work with it. 

We understand that you’re under pressure to deliver and can’t afford to wait for the exact material to show up at your shop or even that you will be able to get it. How can you keep production rolling despite these unexpected challenges? A set of stepped anvils is a great resource to have in your die-cutting toolbox to stay up and running.

What are Stepped Anvils?

A stepped anvil is ground with the body area either oversize (higher than the bearers) or undersize (lower than the bearers). This brings the material closer to the blades or further away from them and can compensate for changes in the liner thickness.

We recommend having a set of stepped anvils on hand to quickly troubleshoot these situations. In addition to overcoming material variations, stepped anvils can help you achieve a deeper or lighter die strike or extend the life of tools that are beginning to show signs of wear. We can customize one or even a series of stepped anvils to suit the jobs you run and the materials you order. If you’re ready to resurface an existing anvil, we recommend replacing it instead and then sending us that existing anvil to put the step in it.

Adjustable Anvils

Adjustable anvils are another way to compensate for variations in materials. Precision electronic controls vary the height on the body area of the adjustable anvil without changing any other tooling in the machine. Wilson’s adjustable anvils can be shifted up to 100 microns in either direction right in the die station.

Equip Your Operation for Maximum Uptime

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