TechTalk #18: Adjustable Anvil Rolls

Posted on: August 05, 2020


Wilson Manufacturing is constantly striving to improve the cutting systems and reduce the cost for our partners. The newest innovation is the adjustable anvil system. This system will allow you to expand the use of your current die inventory and increase the die life of the current and future tools. This is accomplished by being able to adjust clearance built into your tools in a positive or negative direction. These adjustments are made in one micron (.00004”) increments up to 75 microns (.004”).

Die Library Expansion

You can expand your current library by allowing pressure sensitive tools to cut many different liners. As an example, if a die is made to cut to a 40# liner, this new system will now allow you to use the same tool to cut to a polyester .00092 liner or a tag 10 pt liner. Imagine how much more useful your current die inventory becomes.

Maximizing Die Life of Your Tooling

We are all concerned with die life. As soon as the die starts failing to perform properly your options are to send the die back to your tooling supplier for retooling or purchase a new die. Unfortunately in most cases this does not happen at the end of the current run and this means lost time, wasted material and missed deliveries which all cuts into your bottom line. Using the adjustable anvil system your press operator can make the small adjustments to keep the press running, helping you to increase production and meet your customers delivery demands.

Liner Consistency

Another issue that we all deal with is the inconsistency in liners. The material supplier will guarantee their liners are a specific thickness plus or minus ten percent. Your typical 90# liner is about .007″ thick which means that the material could vary from .0063″ to .0077″. This variance makes it difficult to achieve the desired die strike and is one of the reasons your die supplier wants you to provide testing material allowing them to set the clearance based on the actual stock you will be using. The next time you run the same job but are possibly using a material from a different supplier the liner could still be in tolerance but the thickness difference could render your die useless.  With the adjustable anvil system, your press operator can make small adjustments to the clearance to compensate for the liner variance and achieve an acceptable die stain.

These adjustments to the cutting depths can also be made individually on each side of the anvil to provide more control of the cutting process or to compensate for uneven wear or cutting depth on one side of the die versus the other.

Are you looking to increase productivity and prolong the life of your tooling? A Wilson expert can help you decide if the adjustable anvil is right for your operation. Request a quote or find your Wilson rep online today.

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