TechTalk #7: Tapered Labels

Posted on: August 09, 2015

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Tapered Labels for Tub Containers

Tapered labels are generally used on tub type containers that are conical in shape. To apply these labels, the tub shape must have a radius on the top and the bottom, and it must be tapered. This is done to make it appear as a rectangle on the container.

To simplify production of tapered labels, Wilson has created an exclusive online measurement calculator for our customers. It is accessible ONLY to Wilson customers on our website. We call it “TaperPRO“.

When using TaperPRO, you’ll find there are four types of tapered labels:

  • Type 1: Used when you know how much of the container needs to be covered
  • Type 2: Used when you know how long the label must be
  • Type 3: Used when you want to completely wrap the container
  • Type 4: Used when you want to have an overlap of the label in the back (i.e. glue strip)

The measurements you will need to put into the TaperPRO program include:

  1. The small diameter
  2. The large diameter
  3. The height of the label on the container

The large and small diameters must be at the points where the label will be applied to the container.

We strongly suggest that type 3 is limited in use because if the label is not in the exact positions measured, it will result in an uneven gap in the back where the ends of the label meet.

Hand-applied labels have a wide variance on where they are used. Although machine applied labels are more consistent, they are not exact and will likely result in an uneven gap where the labels meet. Also, since most of these containers are not very rigid, it can be difficult to get the exact measurements.

In addition, to avoid the perception of uneven space, it is important to overlap or leave a space of at least .250″ in back.

Using TaperPRO tool on the Wilson Manufacturing website can help ensure a quality product. If you’re not currently a customer and you’d like to utilize TaperPRO, please contact a Wilson representative today.

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