Foam, Rubber, & Felt Fabricators

The components you manufacture are critical to insulation, noise reduction, safety, and more for industries the world depends on. Our precision tooling helps you deliver the best.

Tough materials? We’ve got the tools that can cut it.

Machine-sharpened dies

Foam, rubber, and felt require extra precision from your dies. That’s why we created the first machine sharpened dies on the market to get your tools back into your hands faster and more accurately than traditional hand sharpening.

Quick turnaround times

Our responsive team and cutting edge software gets your project into the queue quickly, so tooling won’t hold up your production…allowing you to stay on time in delivery to your customers

Material selection

Since you’re cutting more challenging material than standard paper or film, the choice of steel and/or coatings for your tooling is crucial. Our experts will help guide you to select the steel and coatings that are best suited for your materials.

Design assistance

Have a particularly challenging project? We’re here to help. Our engineers are available to consult with you on complex projects. We love to get creative with custom configurations that yield the highest quality outputs. 

Success Stories
June 12, 2019

Advanced Equipment from the Ground Up

Since introducing the industry’s first machine-sharpened rotary dies in 1999, we’ve been continuing to raise the bar, holding tighter tolerances and reducing turnaround time. Also, as tool and die technology continues to advance, we’ve adapted our equipment to...

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