Accuracy is mission critical for the medical industry. That’s why we take the same exacting approach when it comes to crafting your rotary tooling.

We deliver you clean cutting, long-lasting rotary tooling.

Machine sharpening

We were the first in the industry to create machine sharpened dies. Machine sharpening ensures precision which increases the life of your die.


We’ll help you select the steel and coatings that are best suited for cutting non-wovens, films, and other commonly used materials in the medical industry.

Design assistance

As new innovations continue to emerge in the medical industry, we’re evolving right along with you. Our design assistance team draws on decades of engineering expertise to deliver custom tooling to meet increasingly intricate specifications.

Success Stories
June 12, 2019

Advanced Equipment from the Ground Up

Since introducing the industry’s first machine-sharpened rotary dies in 1999, we’ve been continuing to raise the bar, holding tighter tolerances and reducing turnaround time. Also, as tool and die technology continues to advance, we’ve adapted our equipment to...

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