The Advantages and Specialties of Flexible Dies

Posted on: March 14, 2023

Flexible sheet dies and solid engraved dies can both achieve precision die cutting with high efficiency, but each have their own strengths and specialties. Flexible dies can be the more cost effective option for many applications, but beyond the cost, they have a few distinct advantages. 

No Sacrifice in Precision

With computer-to-plate technology and machine sharpening, our flexible sheet dies are produced with the same precision and accuracy our converters have come to rely on from Wilson Manufacturing. 

Efficiency and Savings

The leading advantage of flexible dies is their long-term cost savings. With the addition of fast turn times in manufacturing and the lower freight costs for shipping these lighter weight sheets, converters realize significant savings on the front end when running flexible sheet dies. They can be easily stored in the provided hanging bag, effectively reducing your storage footprint.

Increased Agility

By design, flexible dies are ideal for quick change ups from one run to the next.  They can be configured in an unlimited variety of label size and repeat combinations to fit even a small library of magnetic cylinder sizes. Add in their ability to cut a vast number of materials, including many difficult-to-cut films, and flexible dies take the lead for speed!

Simple Selection

Quickly and easily determine the best tool for your specific job – the specific attributes of each Wilson flexible die product are clearly defined for complete transparency. 

Wilson Flexible Die Options:

  •   Paper Die: A flexible die specifically used for cutting paper face and liner materials.
  •   Film Die: This flexible die is configured for film face stocks or liners, including laminations.
  •   Thermal Die: A specialized flexible die that maximizes tool life when cutting paper materials with abrasive coatings or inks. (example: thermal transfer coating)
  •   Universal Die: Produced with a universal blade angle to cut most types of films and paper.
  •   Adjustable Die: Pairs with an adjustable anvil to work with most films and papers.

Further customize your tool with an optional coating – Extended Life will aid in keeping the blade edge sharp for a longer period of time to maximize the die’s life. Die Slide prevents adhesive from building up on the die to avoid costly downtime for cleanup.

Flexible Dies for Quality, Speed, and Precision

By pairing these precision flexible dies with our exceptional magnetic cylinders, you achieve optimal die cutting performance! Our magnetic cylinders always include one or more rows of high-strength magnets to ensure a secure attachment of the flexible die. We offer our standard solid steel magnetic cylinder and our premium magnetic cylinder with a stainless-steel body and hardened D2 bearers for maximum life and reduced risk of corrosion.

With our state-of-the-art facility, our expert service team, and our 24/7 online presence available to you, Wilson Manufacturing is your one-stop shop for all your tooling needs. Connect with your Wilson representative today and find your fit.

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