We’ve re-engineered turnaround by perfecting our process.

Your tooling is what keeps your converting business rolling.

Getting your business up and running is our number one priority, whether you need entirely new rotary tooling or maintenance on your existing dies. We understand that when your tooling isn’t operating the way you need it, it can throw off your entire operation. That’s why we’ve created a process that’s focused on getting you the dies and accessories you need, exactly when you need them.

Powered by the Wilson Workflow.

Back in the 1990s, we began searching for a digital system that could help us automate some of the steps in our order processing. We didn’t find one then, and one doesn’t exist now…outside of Wilson, that is. We built our own software that automates the workflow of each project from quote to delivery, so your tooling is never held up by communication breakdowns or other processing issues. And, the status of your project is totally visible to you in your MyWilson portal. You can check where your tooling is in our process from anywhere with an internet connection.

Backed by decades of expertise and learning.

Proficiency is gained through experience, and knowledge of past solutions we’ve created forms the foundation that our ingenuity is built upon. Because we’re working to solve new challenges every day, we often call upon our past experience to help us create new tooling that pushes the boundaries of what’s been considered possible. Since 1992, we’ve catalogued every project in our database, making it easy for our team to refer to past solutions…and making re-ordering the products we’ve already created a snap.

I like the quick turnarounds at Wilson. I also expect the die to last. Those are two basic things—get me what I want, get it to me fast, make it last.

Garrett T. | Commercial Printer
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