We’ve built our process from the ground up to deliver superior quality.

Our in-house experts are constantly innovating.

Your team here at Wilson is constantly imagining new and more effective ways to make your precision rotary tooling the best it can be. To extend the life of our products even longer, we utilize exclusive hardening processes, machine sharpening, and special coatings.

Where state-of-the-art equipment meets determination.

We’ll never allow the limitations of equipment to get in the way of making you the best quality tools that money can buy. At Wilson, the best equipment is only the beginning. We creatively customize and reconfigure our equipment to perform specific jobs that deliver tooling that works.

The very best raw materials.

We use only top quality steels to craft your precision tooling. Our expert team will advise you in selecting the steel that suits your application and also gives you both the best durability and best value.

Tooling that’s backed by a solid guarantee.

Your converting business depends on the effectiveness of your tooling, and it’s our objective to keep everything rolling smoothly. However, we know that things sometimes happen. That’s why we guarantee every single Wilson product—if it doesn’t work, we’ll replace it. Guaranteed.

Notoriously detailed quality checks.

Each and every Wilson product undergoes a rigorous step-by-step quality check before it can be packed and shipped. We’re maniacs when it comes to ensuring our products are worthy of the Wilson name—just ask our team members!

When I need quality, I go to Wilson...their quality is by far better than other companies. It’s why I continue coming back to Wilson. They take on the difficult projects from us and help us work through it.

Garrett T. | Commercial Printer
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