Never Stop Learning: Zach’s Story

Posted on: June 05, 2019

Zach Crowson is the assistant plant manager at Wilson’s flagship shop in St. Louis. Over the years, Zach has demonstrated tremendous initiative as he has mastered technical skills and honed his leadership style. 

Zach started at Wilson in 2004 in an entry level chrome plating position. He had previously been working as a painter, doing jobs at apartment complexes in the area. As he watched other team members around him, Zach became fascinated with the operations of the shop, and grew determined to learn how to do other things outside of chrome plating. 

While many people would look at downtime during their shift as a welcome break, Zach seized those moments and turned them into learning opportunities. He spent time shoulder-to-shoulder with his co-workers as they performed their jobs, first learning heat treating, then progressing to mag rolls and machining. 

Zach’s appetite for learning did not go unnoticed by Wilson’s leadership. When more advanced positions became available in the shop, managers were quick to select Zach for new opportunities. And it wasn’t only his technical talent began to shine. Zach also displayed a natural ability to coach and train people. The combination of these core strengths led to Zach’s promotion to assistant plant manager. 

Today, Zach oversees seven shop departments, in addition to prioritizing the production schedule, approving all roll drawings, programming and running our Robodrill and Mazak lathes, and working with customers on special projects. Zach radiates energy and passion in everything he does, both inside and outside of his role at Wilson. We’re incredibly proud of Zach’s accomplishments and are grateful to have him on our team. His story demonstrates that the only thing that limits anyone’s potential at Wilson is their willingness to learn.

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