Maintain Your Tooling with Cylinder Audits

Posted on: December 14, 2022

Maintain Your Tooling with Cylinder Audits

The surface of a magnetic cylinder or an anvil roll is a crucial component for consistent die-cutting performance. An effective way to anticipate potential issues is to perform a cylinder audit. The process will evaluate the conditions of existing cylinders and record measurements of critical specifications needed to efficiently avoid problems on press and costly downtime. 

What Are Cylinder Audits?

When the surface of a magnetic cylinder is worn or uneven, the ability of the surface to support the flexible die evenly and produce a uniform cut is impacted. A visual inspection can often identify damage or wear that affects performance; in most cases, these areas can be repaired. During the audit, the Wilson representative will also take measurements of the bearer and body diameters and record the undercut for every available magnetic cylinder.    

Anvil rolls may also show visible signs of wear, but measurements of the diameter and concentricity can pinpoint other issues that may not be seen as easily. Regular maintenance of the anvil surfaces improves reliability, so converters can depend on their cylinders to perform run after run.

The Benefits of Wilson Cylinder Audits

Cylinder audits are a service Wilson Manufacturing offers at no charge to existing customers. Our team will visit your facility to minimize disruption in your cylinders’ availability.  We can evaluate both magnetic cylinders and anvil rolls during the same audit. With downtime minimized and no need for costly freight sending tooling in for measurement, Wilson tooling audits are an efficient and economical choice.

Our professional technicians will record all data and measurements to report back to you within a few days of the audit. In addition to the diameter and undercut measurements, the report will include details of our visual inspections, specifics of any damage or wear, and recommendations for repair or resurfacing.

Decrease Downtime; Increase Performance

Avoid unseen issues and unplanned downtime by evaluating and repairing your magnetic cylinders and anvil rolls before problems occur. Stay ahead of potential problems – connect with your Wilson representative and schedule your audit today.

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