Envisionuity at Wilson Manufacturing

Posted on: September 30, 2020

What is envisionuity? We coined the term to describe the spirit and mindset we’ve shared at Wilson since our founding in 1979: the ability to envision how things can work better in the future, coupled with the ingenuity required to bring it to life. 

Wilson Manufacturing is a team of curious tinkerers who love to take things apart to examine the way they work—from equipment to business processes and everything in between. We love the re-engineering process, and nothing delights us more than making improvements or accomplishing something others didn’t think was possible. 

In the 1990s, hand sharpening was the standard in the tooling industry for the manufacture and maintenance of rotary dies. But as our team observed the positive impact industrial automation was having on manufacturing, we couldn’t get the idea of machine sharpening out of our heads. We thought there simply had to be a way to make it happen. 

It took years of experimentation and testing, but we finally figured out how to do it—and we introduced machine sharpening to the industry in 1999. 

Our proprietary project database was also developed right here at Wilson, where we’ve been archiving our designs electronically for almost 30 years—that’s three decades of tool and die problem solving experience stored right at the fingertips of our team. 

The WHIM is another great example of Wilson envisionuity—the CNC mill that we built from the ground up with help from our partners at Fanuc controls. You can read more about how we did it in our case study on the project.

What this means for our customers is that at Wilson, we’re always striving to make your tooling and our business work better for you. This spirit of envisionuity means that we never stop imagining a better future, and we’re always working to bring it to life.  

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