A New Brand Identity at Wilson Manufacturing

Posted on: July 10, 2019

If you’ve seen any of our recent ads, and now that you’re browsing our new website, you’ve probably noticed that things at Wilson look a little different these days. We have recently unveiled a refreshed brand identity and website with a new look, feel, and voice…just in time for our 40th anniversary.

Wilson Manufacturing’s new brand identity is rooted in our rich history and the strength of our work while also demonstrating our spirit of ingenuity and optimistic attitude toward the future. We recognized a need to differentiate ourselves from our competitors—much in the same way our products have been doing for us all along.

Our Wilson Red has always been, and still remains a signature of our brand. We have introduced a set of additional vibrant hues that reinvigorate our image while also paying homage to our long history of serving the flexographic printing industry. The new palette is what we call CWYK—Cyan, Wilson Red, Yellow, and Key—and is a play on the traditional CMYK used in color printing. 

Our new typography is bold, solid, and strong, which symbolizes the quality and durability of our products. The sans-serif font is modern and reflects our cutting edge technology and innovative approach. 

If you’ve recently flipped through a converting industry publication, you may have noticed that most of the ads look the same—lots of photos of dies and not much color. We’re different from our competitors, so we decided that our ads should show it. The word play in our ads reinforces our ability to find creative solutions and solve problems for our customers where other die manufacturers fail. 

Together, all the elements of our brand identity convey the experience of working at and working with Wilson Manufacturing: a family business with deep history focused on great service, continued improvement, and innovation in the precision rotary tooling industry.

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